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He matado al príncipe

From her karaoke box (literally “box with empty orchestra”) on the low-water mark, among other objects left by the backwash, a half-fish half-human flesh creature try to make ends meet. «My heart is an ocean / Fly, fly my chimaera / My heart is an ocean / Where a big white ship sails »  He matado al príncipe (mon coeur est un océan) is, after Sirène created for festival Antipodes 2010 (le Quartz, Brest), the second chapter of a trilogy. The third chapter, Sirens, a trio in collaboration with Mark Tompkins and Frans Poelstra, will be created in Tanz Quartier (Wien) in 2012.

Date de présentation

Mars 2012


Création Son

Samuel Pajand

Création Lumières

Erik Houllier

Regard extérieur

Judith Cahen


Jean-Louis Badet


Drac de Bretagne en aide au projet