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EL CABARET RABIOSO (new creation 2025)

EL CABARET RABIOSO (new creation 2025)

This cabaret reflects my lifelong interest in popular culture, but more particularly when it is disturbed and disturbing. Enraged and sometimes also enraging. When popular culture acknowledges its cracks and values marginalized individuals. I would like it to be a cabaret of variety that is both disparate and coherent, serious and hilarious, strange and beautiful, playful and profound. Variety of ages and aesthetics: it would bring together different generations of artists close to my work, whether we have already collaborated or whether this project gives us the opportunity to do so. Variety of disciplines: lyrical or grotesque dance, performance, drag show, singing, fake freaks, clownish acts, bungee, pole dance, and contortion. Variety of genders for sure (women, men, non-binary), variety of tones and tempos. This cabaret also aims to pay tribute to all those figures who had enough rage and courage to embrace their strangeness and the fascination they exerted on the public, turning it into an irresistible force: Joséphine Baker, Valeska Gert, Tatsumi Hijikata, Divine, etc.

(c) Mauk Tenieb


in progress…


in progress…

performeur·euses enragé·es

Aina Alegre

Cécile Chatignoux


Marta Izquierdo Muñoz

Latifa Laâbissi

Éric Martin

Mina Serrano

Mark Tompkins

Violette Wanty

Erge Yu

Direction musicale

Benoist Bouvot

Lumière & espace

Anthony Merlaud