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ROLL (creation 2024)

ROLL (creation 2024)

Roll is the third installment focusing on female communities, following IMAGO-GO (on the majorette figure) and GUÉRILLÈRES (centered around guerrilla warriors). This work is dedicated to the practice of roller skating, not so much through consensual roller dance, but through the lens of roller derby, a post-sport an contact sport, currently a focal point for political struggles. From sports confrontation to choreographic emulation, this piece will attempt to take these sequin-clad warriors to new horizons, applying contemporary dance tools to the roller derby lexicon and summoning various hypnotic dances that the roller skates will allow us to extend and accentuate, leading to the experience of altered states.

This creation is part of the Montpellier Danse Festival 2024.


Festival Montpellier Danse, Le Carreau du Temple – Etablissement culturel et sportif de la Ville de Paris, La Place de la Danse – CDCN Toulouse / Occitanie, CCN2 – Centre Chorégraphique National de Grenoble, La Chaufferie – compagnie DCA (St-Denis), L’animal a l’esquena (Celrà – Espagne), KLAP Kelemenis – Maison pour la danse (Marseille)


21 au 30 juillet 2022 – L’animal a l’esquena(Celrà – Espagne)
22 mai au 2 juin 2023 – La Place de la Danse, CDCN Toulouse / Occitanie
2 au 7 juillet 2023 – Le Carreau du Temple, Paris
6 au 10 novembre 2023 – La Chaufferie DCA, Saint-Denis
29 avril au 10 mai 2024 – Centre Chorégraphique National de Grenoble, CCN2
13 au 17 mai 2024 – Montpellier Danse

Conception et chorégraphie


Cécile Chatignoux a.k.a Speaker / Amandine Etelage a.k.a. Mandy'Bull / Mary-Isabelle Laroche a.k.a. Pop Wheels ou Agathe Deguines a.k.a. Fresh Meat / Eric Martin a.k.a. Dirty Bambi / Barbara Papamiltiadou a.k.a. Why So Sirius?

Assitant à la chorégraphie

Eric Martin

Composition musicale, création Son

Benoist Bouvot

Création lumière et régie générale

Anthony Merlaud


Élise Le Du

Conseils à la dramaturgie

Youness Anzane