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DIOSCURES (création 2023)


It is a meeting of two performer-dancers: Pepe Serrano and Kouadio Ebenezer who will be brought together to work on mythological figures that inspire me. On the one hand, the Titans of Greek mythology, these archaic figures who lived on Olympus before being hunted by Zeus and his divine sons. And on the other hand the heroic and tragic figure of the inseparable twins Castor and Pollux.

Like all the characters I'm interested in, they carry an ambiguity. Thus, the etymology of the name Titan is, "he who lives in the heavens", but the same name will also be at the origin of the word "Satan" in Hebrew. As for Castor and Pollux, they evolve alternatively from the world of the living to the world of the dead 1.

Pepe Serrano lives in Madrid, Kouadio Ebenezer (" Eben ") in Toulouse. They share an imposing stature, their age (18 to 23 years old) and seem to me like two living sculptures, like two Titan brothers who would have been separated by a mountain, but not the one on Olympus, but the one in the Pyrenees. These giants, far from having a monolithic virility, are androgynous. As in all my choreographic projects, there is a distance between the figure and the performer who embodies it.


(en cours)


  • 19 au 23 avril 2021 – La Place de la Danse, CDCN de Toulouse / Occitanie
  • 10 au 15 mai 2021 – Agora, Montpellier Danse
  • 25 au 29 octobre 2021 – Les Hivernales, CDCN d’Avignon
  • 10 au 14 janvier 2021 – Agora, Montpellier Danse
  • période à confirmer, KLAP Kéléménis, Marseille
  • période à confirmer, L’Arsénic, Gindou
  • … (en cours)
Conception et Chorégraphie

Assistant à la chorégraphie

Eric Martin


Mina Serrano & Ébène

Régisseur général et régisseur lumières en tournée

Alessandro Pagli

Création lumières

Anthony Merlaud

Création Son

Benoist Bouvot


Alexandre Vilvandre

Espace scénographique

Alexandre Vilvandre


François Blaizot et Pascal St André

Design Casques

Éric Martin


Robert Steijn